ID 4012 - Graduate Preparatory Industrial Design Studio

Instructors: Herb Velazquez, David Cowan

The Industrial Design ID4012 graduate product design studio focuses on systematic design methods introducing students to design processes as they relate to solving complex problems. The studio focuses on the full cycle of designing products from problem definition to design iterations and prototype deliverables. Universal design principles are also taught to support product development.

This semester, one of the three projects students completed was the Red Line Project: a 12-week project in which students apply Human Centered Design Research methods to design product systems that aid older adults. Students conducted primary research with older adults from a local retirement community in order to understand first-hand problem areas, generate and evaluate concept designs. The outcome of this project is a prototype in which technologies can be simulated with materials or low-tech technologies as necessary. To accomplish this project, students utilized the Georgia Tech HomeLab database to review some of the most prevalent challenges that older adults experience. Each of the projects considers at least two comorbidities, with many focusing on older adults with arthritis along with some other chronic disease. Projects:

  • LE DEUXIÈME by Allison Miller :  a heart monitoring system specifically designed for women with Arthritis, Heart and Mental Health challenges
  • Wearable environment sensor for mitigating acute bacterial exacerbations in older COPD patients by Chris Bartlett
  • Helping Hands - Promoting enhanced hand therapy and independence through a wrist worn device that delivers adaptive function by Bradley Bergeron
  • A food preparation board that promotes healthy eating aimed at reducing Heart Disease and Arthritis
     by Matt Gregory
  • Ear Peace - An innovative Hearing Aid for seniors with hearing loss due to arthritis in the bones of the inner ear by Chandan Hebbale
  • Passive exercise device for seniors to promote strength, health and confidence in arthritic seniors by Achyuth Kumar
  • InCare - Healthcare device for Arthritic Insulin Users by Shuyi Wang